Taiwan Trip 2: Single Traveler Attitude

Perjalanan ini kulalui seorang diri, tanpa keluargaku seperti biasanya. Seru dan menegangkan. Aku harus waspada dan memastikan semuanya sendiri. Termasuk waktu boarding, membawa 4 jenis mata uang berbeda, perlengkapan dan senjata perang. Namun, yang lebih menantang adalah menikmati kesendirian.

Aku meyakini setiap manusia bisa menguasai, mengendalikan, dan mengontrol emosi atau mood nya sendiri. Bukan yang sebaliknya. Aku berkata pada diriku, selama 14 hari ke depan, tidak boleh ada bete atau bad feeling. Just be thankful and stay positive no matter what the circumstance will look like.

Tak ada rencana spesifik yang kubuat untuk trip ini. Tak ada plan detail seperti yang kulakukan biasanya. No list of things to do or see. Let God makes it for me. I give my creative God full permission to be my tour leader. I expect the unexpected. Hanya penasaran apa yang ingin Ia tunjukkan atau ajarkan kepadaku. I feel it’s God who wants to show and tell me something. This trip will lead me to somewhere.

Surabaya ke Kuala Lumpur hanya sekitar 2 jam perjalanan. Kursi di samping di deret F kosong jadi aku pindah ke dekat jendela. Sisi jendela adalah tempat favoritku di pesawat. Grateful for that ‘common grace’ karena saat check in aku berharap dapat sisi jendela tetapi tidak. Lalu, 3 penumpang di deret belakang tepat, make loud noise during the trip. Aku bersyukur, orang tuaku mengajarkan sikap yang baik di tempat umum. Di deret seberang, anak kecil menangis tanpa lelah, meraung-raung tanpa ada niat orang tuanya untuk menghentikan tangisannya sejak terbang hingga mendarat. Aku bersyukur untuk iPod. Kemudian I made a wish, semoga Tuhan beriku anak kelak yang naturally born menyukai traveling dan bisa menikmatinya, sama seperti ibunya.

Kuala Lumpur ke Taipei, akhirnya aku mencoba Air Asia X. Lagi-lagi tidak mendapat sisi jendela tapi tak apa mungkin saatku mencoba menyukai sisi jalan. Tiba-tiba setelah duduk, dua orang nenek di samping menawarkan bertukar tempat duduk. Haha.. Thanks God! Tak lama, nenek asal Malaysia ini mengeluarkan senjatanya semacam minyak gosok dengan aroma menyengat. Stay grateful, Bei. Aku jadi teringat nenekku yang telah meninggal. Mungkin ketika ia masih sekuat nenek ini dan bepergian ke luar negeri, ya ini yang ia lakukan. Yang aku ingat saat pulang, ia bawa oleh-oleh jelly banyak sekali. Saat itu yupi belum ada di Indonesia sepertinya.

Well, this is just the beginning but God had given me surprises. Excited about what will happen next. And yes, we can control our emotions and attitude. Don’t let your attitude ruins your day and your trip. Moreover if you do it alone like me, as a single traveler.

If life is a choice then you can always choose. – me

Air Asia X, in the sky between Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, 19:32, 240513, Bei

Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

I love my country, Indonesia, no matter what they said. Still many things to be grateful for from Indonesia. One of them is Mount Bromo. You will find such a breathtaking scenery. How great is He who created these mountains. 

I went there in a customize-trip arranged by UNIX Tour for me. There are many ways to get there, backpacking, drive by yourself, or like me – take a low-budget tour. The reason is because I’m not brave enough to drive in the middle of the night in a mountain road, for the first time visiting Bromo. And I was taking my cousin from Hongkong who was so curious about Bromo. For detail information about Bromo, you can find it from many websites. But this the review from wikipedia. 

Mount Bromo (IndonesianGunung Bromo), is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East JavaIndonesia. At 2,329 metres (7,641 ft) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but is the most well known. The massif area is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East JavaIndonesia. The volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The name of Bromo derived fromJavanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god.

Mount Bromo sits in the middle of a vast plain called the “Sea of Sand” (Javanese: Segara Wedi or IndonesianLautan Pasir), a protected nature reserve since 1919. The typical way to visit Mount Bromo is from the nearby mountain village of Cemoro Lawang. From there it is possible to walk to the volcano in about 45 minutes, but it is also possible to take an organised jeep tour, which includes a stop at the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan (2,770 m or 9,088 ft) (IndonesianGunung Penanjakan). The best views from Mount Bromo to the Sand Sea below and the surrounding volcanoes are at sunrise. The viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan can also be reached on foot in about two hours. From inside the calderasulfur is collected by workers.

There are many many many websites posted photos about Bromo. Since, I have been there and this is my blog, so why not post some of my shoots here? Well, don’t just see the photos, but go there and have your own photos! Just check the best time to go to Bromo. If you’re Indonesian and never been to Bromo but always go abroad, ask yourself, do you love Indonesia? Because many foreign people are the big fans of Bromo and how bout you? 🙂



Waiting for the sunrise from Penanjakan 2.


The sun is rising, with the fog.


Bromo Mountain after eruption in 2011, Mount Batok in the middle, Mount Semeru in the back.


The village down there.


Dried flowers posy, made by local people.


The Sand Sea covered with the fog as the sun rises.


It’s cold up here!



My rent horse, named Belon.


Bromo’s vegetation.




Mount Batok seemed so close.


From inside the jeep




Count the jeeps!


My favourite! Taken by my rent-horse-jockey.





Bromo Crater, after eruption in 2011




See you again, Bromo!

To God be the glory!

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Record for “The Wijaya’s Trip in 2010”

Date: February 2010

Place: Surabaya – Macau – Guangzhou – Hong Kong – Phuket – Surabaya

What a great time to spend 2 weeks with my lovely family: mom, dad, brother, and sister.

Celebrating Mom’s birthday in Guangzhou, Dad’s birthday & Chinese New Year together with entire uncles, aunties, cousins, and whole family in Hong Kong. Maybe for some people it’s just a common tour in Asia. But for me and family, this trip means a lot to get together in this time.

Besides, love Air Asia!

Time can’t go back. Spend your time with your loved one. Use the chance if you got it, or create it if you have to. So you won’t have regret later on.


Family Trip 2010, February 2010. Mom-Dad’s Bday + Cny Slideshow: Widianti’s trip from Surabaya, Jawa, Indonesia to 6 cities Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Kawasan Makau was created by TripAdvisor. See another Cina slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

My Family Trip in 2010

Langkawi, Malaysia

A small island located at the north tip Malaysia. It’s hot and not too much populated. If Indonesia has Lombok Island, then Malaysia has this island, Langkawi.

Here are some nice spots to go if you’re going to Langkawi:

Langkawi Sky Bridge

It is located 705 metres (2,300 ft) above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang on Pulau Langkawi. Langkawi Sky Bridge is a – 125 metres (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge. It’s accessible by the Langkawi Cable Car. Nice view from up there!

Telaga Harbour

Want to see yachts? Or you want to rent it? It’s located on Pantai Kok, in the northwest of Langkawi. It takes 45 minutes from Kuah town by car. This harbour is a scenic spot to take some photos and enjoying the marina’s view.

Dataran Lang

Eagle square is a giant sculpture of a reddish brown eagle, facing toward the sea. It’s situated near the Kuah Jetty. This is the most famous landmark of Langkawi.

The road links various areas around the island, were built in very good condition by the government. Wide and smooth, seemed empty enough with small number of vehicles that cross it. You can’t find any public transportation, except taxi. But there are many car rentals that you can choose from the airport. Remember to bargain, yet they aren’t too expensive actually.

Look like that this island has been designed as a tourist destination. Many tourism spots are quite attractive on the map. In fact, the natural beauty of Indonesia remains undefeated!

You can find almost all of them in Indonesia, but I have to admit, they are successful in creating stories that attract tourists to come. Those stories were created to increase the selling value of the nature itself. That’s not bad, and we can learn from that. It’s about creating the story!

You don’t need too many days to spend here, 2-3 days is enough. For hotel, quite much type of hotel that can choose to stay. One of recommended 2 stars hotel is Azio Hotel in Kuah town. It’s new, cheap, comfortable bed, hot water, shower, and the most important is clean! You can go online to book the reservation. Don’t worry if you’re hungry, you just need 1-2 minutes in distance walking to the Water Garden Hawker Center (in the morning) and it changes to Rootian Seafood Restaurant at night. Yummy taste and cheap!!

Touring in Langkawi, you just need to rent a car, bring the map, and driving around the island. There’re many duty free stores around the Kuah town. So, if you like chocolates, I’m telling you, it’s cheaper here! Not only chocolate but also perfume, wine, cigar, and so on. Are you ready to go? Bring your sun block lotion with you always!

To see more photos of Langkawi just click this link.

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Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has so many interesting places to be visited. Besides the shopping destination, if you like to find a local, different, natural, and yet full with Hong Kong culture and daily life, this place could be another suggestion for you. Please welcome, Tai O!

Tai O is a local fishing village, which is located in the western side of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is known for the pang uks, sort of stilt houses built right over the waterway. The bottoms of the 3-4 meters wooden stilt already become the habitat for small oysters. So unique scenery! You can’t find cars or motorbikes in front of the stilt houses but small ships or boats.

Although those are stilt houses, some also have air conditioning, big screen television, nice kitchen and restroom inside, small “garden” and more of it, balcony! You can do your own tour on foot, going around the village. There are some pedestrian bridges which are good enough for photo shoots.

If you love seafood, no worries you’ll love Tai O. Although, currently the fishing lifestyle is dying out, many residents still continue to fish. They sell fresh seafood, dried or salted seafood, and many type of delicious local snacks! Try their smoked salted fish-egg and shrimp, without any spice it’s just smoked over charcoal, but oh.. it smells so good! Keep walking and you’ll find baked oysters, prawn, and scallop, with melted cheese on top. Don’t miss to drink the sweet sour red tea.

The village is placed mostly on the bank of the river but you can see the rocky mountains standing at the back of the village. You can join the resident’s boat by paying the fee, just sit and prepare your camera; they will take you down along the river. Or ask them to drive you to the sea where you can see Chinese white dolphins, if you’re lucky.

I was going there by bus (11) from Tung Chung terminal and it took around 45 minutes. Try not to fall asleep or you’ll missing interesting spots to see along the trip. You may reach Tai O by bus from other locations, like Mui Wo (1) and Ngong Ping (21). But if you want to take ferry, just try to depart from Tuen Mun, Tung Ching, and Sha Lo Wan ferry piers.

Enjoy experiencing a different side of Hong Kong! Feel free to check another photos of Tai O.


Welcome to Tai O

Tai O

Small oysters covered the stilt

The stalls

Smoked Salted Seafood

Which one do you want?


Wisata Alam Umbul Sidomukti (2)

Di penghujung tahun 2010, aku kembali ke Bandungan, dan mengunjungi Wisata Alam Umbul Sidomukti. Setelah pertama kali datang di April 2009 lalu.

Ini kali keduaku bermain lagi di sana. Banyak hal sudah membaik, meski tetap perlu banyak perbaikan, setidaknya sudah ada progress baik dari tulisan terakhirku tentang tempat ini. We have to appreciate it, don’t we? Tetaplah datang agar semua bisa bersinergi untuk saling mendukung ke arah yang lebih baik.

Cuaca mendung, berawan, berangin. Semua wajar untuk Desember dan tempat setinggi ini. Panoramanya tetap menyejukkan hati. Cukup banyak wisatawan lokal yang berkunjung dan hampir semua berpotret di berbagai sudut yang dirasa indah untuk diabadikan.

Aku tetap tergoda untuk bermain lagi. Kali ini Flying Fox Adrenalin dan Marine Bridge yang jadi target. Sebenarnya Flying Fox Adrenalin tak lagi terlalu menggoda karena aku sudah pernah “menaklukkannya”. Tapi yang berbeda karena kali ini aku mengajak sepupuku untuk berani uji nyali.

Jessica, 11 tahun, tak pernah diijinkan orang tuanya untuk bermain dengan ketinggian. Tetapi hasrat memicunya untuk mencoba. Dan aku sangat mendukung hal itu. Tantangan ada untuk ditaklukkan. Jadi kubelikan tiket untuk Flying Fox dan Marine Bridge bersama-sama. Ia menikmati “terbang” melintasi jurang setinggi 70 meter, sepanjang 110 meter saat Flying Fox Adrenalin. Jadi Flying Fox dilakukan tandem berdua karena ini saat pertamanya uji nyali. Unik karena ternyata bisa berpelukan saat duduk meluncur.

Aku pun senang karena meski dengan wajah pucat dan ketakutan, ia berhasil menyelesaikan Marine Bridge yang harus kuakui, berat! Permainan ini lebih sulit dari yang kubayangkan. Bukan tingginya yang membuat berat, bukan goyangan jembatan jaring yang menakutkan, bukan hanya seutas tali yang jadi pengamannya, tapi besarnya angin lembah menggoyangkan keseimbangan, dan berat badanmu harus kau tarik sendiri sambil berjalan bergantung di seutas tali pengaman itu. Tantangan berbeda justru menarik bukan? Ada trik untuk membuatnya lebih mudah dilalui: jalanlah layaknya peragawati berjalan di simpulnya!

Sedikit info tambahan, beberapa permainan hanya dibuka pada Sabtu dan Minggu. Tetapi Flying Fox Adrenalin, Marine Bridge, ATV, berenang masih bisa dilakukan di hari biasa. Harga tarif juga masih sama dan belum berubah. Datanglah! Memang cukup jauh tetapi perlu pengorbanan untuk melihat hal-hal indah. Panorama Umbul Sidomukti menantimu kawan!

Enjoy the adrenalin!

Surabaya 020111 3:03PM

The 1st Mission Trip: A Heart for Merapi

“Here it comes again and it should be my turn to go!”, a voice whispering in my heart.

Sunday afternoon in the middle of service, there’s an announcement about Merapi Mission Trip. ICA open 20 seats for those who want to go to Jogja, bring the 1000 packages, and distribute each of them directly to the Merapi Mountain eruption victims. The team will leave from Surabaya on the next day, Monday, at 5 AM. And will depart from Jogja a day after, Tuesday, at 5 PM. So, they will be back here at Wednesday dawn.

Wow! The trip is quite short and must be tight. Something’s telling me to go this time. I admit that I kept myself updated about Merapi eruption since its first eruption, long before this mission trip announced. Few years ago, I ever went to Jogja, stayed in Kaliurang and have a good memory with it. My uncle took my family to the nearest Merapi monitoring post in Magelang. On that cold night, without any telescope, I still could saw the lava run out from the top of mountain. Yeah, Merapi is never sleep. Maybe because of that proximity, I do want to go.

My brother was here, he came from Jakarta and we went to church together. I’m joking, “if you pay the 750 thousand, then I’ll go!”. He replied, “Ok, just if mom and dad allow you.”. Well, my mom and dad always hold back if their daughter wants to go to a mission trip. Sidikalang and Nias mission trip: I didn’t get the permission to join. I texted mom, it’s around 2 PM, and she said no, you don’t have to go there. Ok then, I am not going. But, suddenly 30 minutes later, Mom text me again and said I could go if I really want to. “You’ll never get there without being in a mission team”, mom said. I could go if my office let me go, since I still don’t get any leave periode during this contract.

There were only 5 seats left. Struggling to get the permit and finally at 5 PM, I say yes to join the team! It’s hard to get the permission but I want to go, so lets try to make it happen! I don’t even know the transportation or accommodation, or is there anyone in the team that I knew, and what to bring. All I know, I’ll be with ICA mission team who’s really reliable for mission trip. Actually, my heart and mind was indecisive beacuse of a problem. So this could be my short sanctuary to think and more of it, I could help the others.

So, I only have less than 12 hours to get ready. I come at church around 5 AM in Nov 8, 2010. Only some faces that I knew before. I am the one and only ICA East member on that trip! The rest is from ICA West member. For many of them, the Merapi Mission Trip is the 5th or more mission trip they ever joined. So, I’m a freshly newbie. A little bit frightened mixed with excitement. Afraid because I don’t know what to do. I just try to say YES for the opportunity that comes to me.

If you asked me, don’t you afraid? You’re going to an area when the disaster is stil happening. Hmm.. No! Really, I’m afraid more about what I have to do there rather than the possibility of the eruption itself. God knows my heart, my motivation, I just want to share God’s love to the victims. So, God will take care of me, He won’t let any bad things happen to me and the team. But it doesn’t mean being silly! ICA requires each of us to fully covered with special mask, special goggles, long sleeves, trousers, shoes, cap, raincoat, and another safety tools.

Our team visited 6 refugee camps in suburb of Jogja, those are around Prambanan, Sleman, and Muntilan. We droped and distributed the packages. In some refugees camp we also do the medical service, complete with doctor and free medicine. I tried to communicate with the local residents and Merapi victims who’s lost their properties. For the mission trip itself, I’ll write the details report on the next post. I’m glad that God gave me opportunity to listen to their stories. Stories which I won’t get it from the media. And the most important, I hold their hand, saw their faces, and prayed for them. Isn’t it beautiful?

I felt different about this disaster while I’m in Jogja by myself; and with what I knew from the media. Not saying that media was lying and over published, but it’s just different. A feeling that I can’t deny. Moreover, what I saw along the way to Muntilan refugee camps makes me felt “it”. Something that I can’t explain but I can feel it. Houses left by the owner, desolated city, roof collapsed, road covered with volcano ash and perforated because of it, rain made you see the milky water, sulfur odor filled the air, trees knocked down by the ashes and water. Terrible..

The refugee needs our support, pure smiles that strengthen them, help, and pray from us. I realize now, why I don’t even worry about the accommodation and so on? Because all I knew just following my heart that told me to go. I won’t never be ready to go, until I take the chance to go and make myself ready! Maybe what the team and I did, doesn’t mean anything for you here, but I already took and let my heart visited the refugees due to this Merapi eruption. How beautiful the chance that I’ve got: I could give a heart for Merapi..

Life is not about what you’ve done or what you should have done. It’s about what you can do and what you will do. – Anonymous


Surga Satu Jam

Terlalu manis untuk tak kulukiskan dalam kata dan kuwarnai kalimat yang sanggup gambarkan semua ini..

Aku, seorang diri, sedang berbaring di kursi panjang tempat turis menikmati teriknya mentari membakar kulit kaukasia mereka. Sore ini jam menunjukkan pukul 4PM waktu Indonesia bagian tengah.

Awan biru berbaris menaungi mentari hingga sengatnya terasa bersahabat. Aku berpakaian kuning tanpa lengan berpadu dengan celana hitam pendek. Dinaungi tenda dan berbaring malas menghadap pantai. Pantai yang dicintai seluruh manusia di dunia, Pantai Kuta.

Kali ini Kuta sangat ramah, karena pantai ini ada di area hotel berbintang lima yang dipenuhi turis asing. Terasa begitu privat sebab tak berbagi dengan ribuan kepala seperti biasanya.

Angin pantai berhembus dengan nyaman, membelai kulitku yang terbakar mentari Bali siang tadi, menerbangkan helai rambutku sesuka hatinya. Terkadang keras terkadang lembut. Seimbang, porsi yang pas.

Aku menatap lekat panorama yang tak mudah ketemui. Pasir pantai yang halus terhampar luas dan jauh landai di hadapanku. Bercumbu dengan air laut yang membasahinya. Ombak bergulung di kejauhan dari ujung horison nun jauh di sana. Tumpukan karang pemecah ombak tersusun rapi di sudut kanan mataku. Beberapa buah perahu beracak di sudut lain mataku. Berwarna warni menghiasi biru keabuan laut.

Burung-burung perkutut terbang rendah lalu mendarat di pasir seperti merasakan damainya semua ini.

Alunan nada dari Sandhy Sondoro, suara khas Michael Buble, It Might Be You versi Dave Koz, dan petikan gitar Depapepe berdansa dengan irama angin yang semilir menari-nari di telingaku.

Nun jauh di sana, sayup-sayup deru burung besi yang mendarat dan tinggal landas di Ngurah Rai masih terdengar.

Seorang diri melupakan kegelisahan hati, membebaskan diri dari tekanan pikiran dan masalah. Seraya merayu hati tuk memberanikan diri mencari jalan keluar atas semua itu. Segera setelah surga kecil ini berlalu.

Tak terbeli dengan uang kenikmatan dan ketenangan yang kurasakan saat ini. Tak mudah tuk kualami lagi. Sebab itu, kukecap dan resapi setiap detik yang kulalui di titik ini. Layaknya hadiah kecil tapi istimewa untuk hari jadiku ke-23. Kesendirian ini, dengan pemandangan ini, angin ini, lagu ini, dan rasa ini. Satu jam sudah berlalu, saatku harus pergi meninggalkan surga kecil ini.

Kuta, Bali – 130910

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