(Museum + Monumen) Nasional = This post

Jakarta – 210908 – 09:50PM

After went and looked Museum Fatahillah around, last Saturday 20 Sept, 2008, the other museum trip was continued.. With different ‘tourists’.. This time there were Nita, Vera (both of them are the creator of this idea), Lele, and me.. But once again, I couldn’t get into the museum.. The lack information about the operation hour made us came just in time while the keeper turn the board from ‘open’ to ‘close’..

So, I just took some pictures (of course!!) from the front garden of the Museum Nasional..

Museum Nasional
Museum Nasional

 It has a baby elephant in the garden..

 But the elephant is up there..  

 In the front garden, you may also find the small amphitheater..


Since we heard that Monas is open until evening, we crossed the road and walked to Monas’ gate. But the sun wasn’t friendly at that time, it shone too extreme. But what was my experience in Monas? I was went to the top and I will write it down in the next post.. At least, here are some Monas to you, reader..

I do like this one.. I’m still learing about siluet angle and this is quite unique. Monas eclipse..

 Gold!! Does anyone ever tried to steal it? Maybe you wanna try? Wew.. Better don’t do that..

Another siluette..

Monas in the evening.. Isn’t it beautiful? The sky is so real.. Right moment to capture Monas..

 -to be continue..-