Hows Taiwan, Bei?

I am living in Taiwan now. I want to share some facts about my life in Taipei, Taiwan. Many are based on FAQ that friends asked me. So, if you wonder how am I doing here, now you know that God is really taking care of me.

1. Obey God is the only reason why I am studying Mandarin here.
2. I am Chinese in blood but can’t speak Chinese (before).
3. I had no Chinese lesson preparation before I came to Taiwan.
4. Taipei is one of the safest cities in the world.
5. Almost every Saturday or school break, I travel around Taipei and Taiwan. Check my FB album, maybe you need travel recommendation around Taiwan.
6. I don’t have any family lives in Taiwan.
7. Less than a month since I came here, I had travel alone from Taipei in the North of Taiwan,  to Pingtung County in the South Taiwan, by bus and it took 7 hours. Without any good skill in speaking Chinese.
8. I had experienced Taiwan’s transportation from High Speed Rail (jet train), city bus, domestic bus, TRA Train, local train, MRT, Ubike, crystal floor gondola, boat.
9. Taiwan best spots, so far are Guanyuan and Hehuanshan.
10. My school, MTC NTNU, is the best school to study Chinese in Taiwan, I knew it after being accepted as their student. God’s favor.
10. After 7 months, I move to new room and do part time job from 2 til 10PM.
11. I gained weight few kilos already.
12. Almost everyday I eat fruits,  that’s my promise to my mom.
13. Every morning I used to take bus to go to school, and go home by bus or bike. Now, I am just walking to school.
14. I used to be at school from 8am – 4pm.
15. I am cooking instead of buying food. No rice for dinner. Soy milk for breakfast.
16. I experienced the behind the scene and vote for the Indonesia President Election 2014 from outside Indonesia. Cool experience.
17. I don’t have TV, if I get bored I do YouTube, usually I follow Indonesian politics from Mata Najwa, Satu Indonesia, Aiman Dan, Kompas TV, Indonesia Bagus, Dog Whisper, and some movies.
18. I finally decided to go to ICA Taipei.
19. I am leading worship in ICA Taipei, found out later that they had been praying for months for new worship leader. God is awesome.
20. I joined one mission trip to Hsinchu, with POKI church.
21. Until now, I had only bought Starbucks 1 time and that was on the first day landed at the Taoyuan International Airport.
22. There’s a lot Indonesian students at school but I only have 2 Indonesian friends that I hang out with.
23. My favorite food are redbean, and matcha. My favorite drink are winter melon tea, and buble milk tea. Those are Taiwan specialties.
24. Stinky tofu is nice. The fried one and grill one are nice. But the steam, once is enough for me.
25. I got my hair cut in Taiwan. Pricey but different technique.
26. My nails was never “blank or no color” because I have Japanese and Vietnamese friends who work as nail artists and they manicure me for free, and change it when they think that’s no longer good. I learned their skill.
27. I can smile just by seeing Taiwanese dogs in the street. No fancier dogs then Taiwan dogs.
28. I learned to live with earthquakes and typhoons.
29. I drove car one time, without international driving license, and on the left side driving, contrary with Indonesia, out of town.
30. These past 6 months I had travel to Yehliu National Geopark, Wulai, Tamsui, Yangmingshan National Park, Taroko George National Park, Qixing Beach, Hehuanshan, Beitou, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Daxi, Touyuan, Keelung, Hualien, Qingjing Farm, Sun Moon Lake, and many night markets in Taiwan, and Taipei city for sure.
31. My father, mother, brother, and sister had visited me in Taiwan.
32. My dad’s principles is proven right: be skillful in Bahasa and then English, after that another language is allowed. Because of English, I had bunch of foreigner friends..
33. I ate fried cricket for the first time in Kaohsiung night market. Not bad.
34. I used to worship / singing while sitting in the park, or while cycling. That’s my me time.
35. I had 8 pairs of shoes with me now, simply because Taiwan flat shoes are nice, comfortable, and not pricey at all.
36. I do the encouraging-ministry and prayer-warrior ministry to my friends in Indonesia using my Android because I miss giving, share God’s love, do ministry.

37. I experienced 4 seasons in a year here.
38. Being far from my own country, makes me love Indonesia more than before.
39. I ever cried seeing my feet full of black dotes of Taiwan mosquitoes bites. For weeks I couldn’t wear short pants. Itchy for weeks and yes, “a tough Bebe” was defeated by Taiwanese mosquitoes.
40. My works in Indonesia are still on while I am studying here.
41. I admit I was afraid for a week to take MRT after the MRT tragedy happened few months ago but didn’t tell my family bout that tragedy.
42. Free refill drinking water is everywhere.
43. Studying Chinese is not difficult but interesting.
44. Studying Chinese in Taiwan and in mainland China is different. Taiwan use the traditional (original) Chinese character, while China use the simplified one. Which one do you think more difficult?
45. Taiwanese loves cycling, not only for leisure or sport but to work or go somewhere.
46. I miss doing much sports as I had in Indonesia, especially RPM, kranking, body balance, TRX.
47. One of my mission here is can pray for others using Chinese.
48. I feel like this time is a training stage from God.
49. My grandpa who passed away last year, few years ago called my mom from Semarang, and he said he had just had a dream in his sleep that I am studying Chinese abroad.
50. Studying abroad is one of the things I want to do while I am single, for there are times for everything under the sky.
Taipei 300914