Hows Taiwan, Bei?

I am living in Taiwan now. I want to share some facts about my life in Taipei, Taiwan. Many are based on FAQ that friends asked me. So, if you wonder how am I doing here, now you know that God is really taking care of me.

1. Obey God is the only reason why I am studying Mandarin here.
2. I am Chinese in blood but can’t speak Chinese (before).
3. I had no Chinese lesson preparation before I came to Taiwan.
4. Taipei is one of the safest cities in the world.
5. Almost every Saturday or school break, I travel around Taipei and Taiwan. Check my FB album, maybe you need travel recommendation around Taiwan.
6. I don’t have any family lives in Taiwan.
7. Less than a month since I came here, I had travel alone from Taipei in the North of Taiwan,  to Pingtung County in the South Taiwan, by bus and it took 7 hours. Without any good skill in speaking Chinese.
8. I had experienced Taiwan’s transportation from High Speed Rail (jet train), city bus, domestic bus, TRA Train, local train, MRT, Ubike, crystal floor gondola, boat.
9. Taiwan best spots, so far are Guanyuan and Hehuanshan.
10. My school, MTC NTNU, is the best school to study Chinese in Taiwan, I knew it after being accepted as their student. God’s favor.
10. After 7 months, I move to new room and do part time job from 2 til 10PM.
11. I gained weight few kilos already.
12. Almost everyday I eat fruits,  that’s my promise to my mom.
13. Every morning I used to take bus to go to school, and go home by bus or bike. Now, I am just walking to school.
14. I used to be at school from 8am – 4pm.
15. I am cooking instead of buying food. No rice for dinner. Soy milk for breakfast.
16. I experienced the behind the scene and vote for the Indonesia President Election 2014 from outside Indonesia. Cool experience.
17. I don’t have TV, if I get bored I do YouTube, usually I follow Indonesian politics from Mata Najwa, Satu Indonesia, Aiman Dan, Kompas TV, Indonesia Bagus, Dog Whisper, and some movies.
18. I finally decided to go to ICA Taipei.
19. I am leading worship in ICA Taipei, found out later that they had been praying for months for new worship leader. God is awesome.
20. I joined one mission trip to Hsinchu, with POKI church.
21. Until now, I had only bought Starbucks 1 time and that was on the first day landed at the Taoyuan International Airport.
22. There’s a lot Indonesian students at school but I only have 2 Indonesian friends that I hang out with.
23. My favorite food are redbean, and matcha. My favorite drink are winter melon tea, and buble milk tea. Those are Taiwan specialties.
24. Stinky tofu is nice. The fried one and grill one are nice. But the steam, once is enough for me.
25. I got my hair cut in Taiwan. Pricey but different technique.
26. My nails was never “blank or no color” because I have Japanese and Vietnamese friends who work as nail artists and they manicure me for free, and change it when they think that’s no longer good. I learned their skill.
27. I can smile just by seeing Taiwanese dogs in the street. No fancier dogs then Taiwan dogs.
28. I learned to live with earthquakes and typhoons.
29. I drove car one time, without international driving license, and on the left side driving, contrary with Indonesia, out of town.
30. These past 6 months I had travel to Yehliu National Geopark, Wulai, Tamsui, Yangmingshan National Park, Taroko George National Park, Qixing Beach, Hehuanshan, Beitou, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Daxi, Touyuan, Keelung, Hualien, Qingjing Farm, Sun Moon Lake, and many night markets in Taiwan, and Taipei city for sure.
31. My father, mother, brother, and sister had visited me in Taiwan.
32. My dad’s principles is proven right: be skillful in Bahasa and then English, after that another language is allowed. Because of English, I had bunch of foreigner friends..
33. I ate fried cricket for the first time in Kaohsiung night market. Not bad.
34. I used to worship / singing while sitting in the park, or while cycling. That’s my me time.
35. I had 8 pairs of shoes with me now, simply because Taiwan flat shoes are nice, comfortable, and not pricey at all.
36. I do the encouraging-ministry and prayer-warrior ministry to my friends in Indonesia using my Android because I miss giving, share God’s love, do ministry.

37. I experienced 4 seasons in a year here.
38. Being far from my own country, makes me love Indonesia more than before.
39. I ever cried seeing my feet full of black dotes of Taiwan mosquitoes bites. For weeks I couldn’t wear short pants. Itchy for weeks and yes, “a tough Bebe” was defeated by Taiwanese mosquitoes.
40. My works in Indonesia are still on while I am studying here.
41. I admit I was afraid for a week to take MRT after the MRT tragedy happened few months ago but didn’t tell my family bout that tragedy.
42. Free refill drinking water is everywhere.
43. Studying Chinese is not difficult but interesting.
44. Studying Chinese in Taiwan and in mainland China is different. Taiwan use the traditional (original) Chinese character, while China use the simplified one. Which one do you think more difficult?
45. Taiwanese loves cycling, not only for leisure or sport but to work or go somewhere.
46. I miss doing much sports as I had in Indonesia, especially RPM, kranking, body balance, TRX.
47. One of my mission here is can pray for others using Chinese.
48. I feel like this time is a training stage from God.
49. My grandpa who passed away last year, few years ago called my mom from Semarang, and he said he had just had a dream in his sleep that I am studying Chinese abroad.
50. Studying abroad is one of the things I want to do while I am single, for there are times for everything under the sky.
Taipei 300914

Taiwan Trip 2: Single Traveler Attitude

Perjalanan ini kulalui seorang diri, tanpa keluargaku seperti biasanya. Seru dan menegangkan. Aku harus waspada dan memastikan semuanya sendiri. Termasuk waktu boarding, membawa 4 jenis mata uang berbeda, perlengkapan dan senjata perang. Namun, yang lebih menantang adalah menikmati kesendirian.

Aku meyakini setiap manusia bisa menguasai, mengendalikan, dan mengontrol emosi atau mood nya sendiri. Bukan yang sebaliknya. Aku berkata pada diriku, selama 14 hari ke depan, tidak boleh ada bete atau bad feeling. Just be thankful and stay positive no matter what the circumstance will look like.

Tak ada rencana spesifik yang kubuat untuk trip ini. Tak ada plan detail seperti yang kulakukan biasanya. No list of things to do or see. Let God makes it for me. I give my creative God full permission to be my tour leader. I expect the unexpected. Hanya penasaran apa yang ingin Ia tunjukkan atau ajarkan kepadaku. I feel it’s God who wants to show and tell me something. This trip will lead me to somewhere.

Surabaya ke Kuala Lumpur hanya sekitar 2 jam perjalanan. Kursi di samping di deret F kosong jadi aku pindah ke dekat jendela. Sisi jendela adalah tempat favoritku di pesawat. Grateful for that ‘common grace’ karena saat check in aku berharap dapat sisi jendela tetapi tidak. Lalu, 3 penumpang di deret belakang tepat, make loud noise during the trip. Aku bersyukur, orang tuaku mengajarkan sikap yang baik di tempat umum. Di deret seberang, anak kecil menangis tanpa lelah, meraung-raung tanpa ada niat orang tuanya untuk menghentikan tangisannya sejak terbang hingga mendarat. Aku bersyukur untuk iPod. Kemudian I made a wish, semoga Tuhan beriku anak kelak yang naturally born menyukai traveling dan bisa menikmatinya, sama seperti ibunya.

Kuala Lumpur ke Taipei, akhirnya aku mencoba Air Asia X. Lagi-lagi tidak mendapat sisi jendela tapi tak apa mungkin saatku mencoba menyukai sisi jalan. Tiba-tiba setelah duduk, dua orang nenek di samping menawarkan bertukar tempat duduk. Haha.. Thanks God! Tak lama, nenek asal Malaysia ini mengeluarkan senjatanya semacam minyak gosok dengan aroma menyengat. Stay grateful, Bei. Aku jadi teringat nenekku yang telah meninggal. Mungkin ketika ia masih sekuat nenek ini dan bepergian ke luar negeri, ya ini yang ia lakukan. Yang aku ingat saat pulang, ia bawa oleh-oleh jelly banyak sekali. Saat itu yupi belum ada di Indonesia sepertinya.

Well, this is just the beginning but God had given me surprises. Excited about what will happen next. And yes, we can control our emotions and attitude. Don’t let your attitude ruins your day and your trip. Moreover if you do it alone like me, as a single traveler.

If life is a choice then you can always choose. – me

Air Asia X, in the sky between Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, 19:32, 240513, Bei

25 – part 2

What you are going to read is something that not many people can understand. If you think that, at some point, there is something wrong with this story, maybe you should stop reading. No offense. I’m not naïve or arrogant, I just want to share a supernatural experience that I just had. It’s so beautiful to me, and I don’t want to ruin it with never-ending arguments. It is quite personal and I actually didn’t want to share it, but there are probably people out there who are facing the same situation as I did, so I decided to take a risk and hope this could be a blessing for those people.


I: “What if, as your 25th birthday present, you gave yourself to God through baptism?”

Me: “I’ve been baptized before and I don’t want to do it just because it’s my birthday.”

I: “Hey, pause for a moment here. Look back on these past few months. Where are you now in your spiritual life?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m flying with Him. A lot of times, my logic catches up, though. I don’t know what God is doing in me but yes, I see that I have been changed.”

I: “You said to me you had a feeling that this was just the beginning, right?”

Me: “Yes. It scares me sometimes, but I feel that He is leading me to a greater journey that lies ahead.”

I: “Then use this baptism as a milestone. Remember when you started flying with Him.”

Me: “But, are you sure? Is it allowed? I was baptized when I was 17, even though it was just the one where they sprinkled water on me. I don’t care the way they did it, it was still a baptism.”

I: “You didn’t live your life with me back then. You were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but didn’t believe that I existed. But now, we are best friends! Come on.”

Me: “I am sorry about that, but I truly thank you for being alive in me, I’ve grown a lot.” (I started crying and feeling guilty for some reason.)

I: “Yes, but you haven’t only grown in faith. Who you are now is different from the 17-year-old Bebe; totally not the same. Thank you for inviting me and letting me work in and through you.”

Me: “But what will people think of my faith then?”

I: “Just focus on God. Ask Him if He really does want you to be baptized this time. I think this will be a nice gift that you can give to Him.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll ask Him.”

I: “And read the Bible, especially the passage about Jesus’ baptism.”


This conversation occurred after I’d seen the announcement for the September 2012 baptism class for the first time. The conversation above was between me and who, you ask? I think you know the answer. Since that day, I had been bringing this issue into my prayer. After a few weeks, I decided to find someone who could understand.

On Sunday, I found Mrs. Ruth at ICA East, delivering a sermon about a “new season.” After the service, I shared my struggle about baptism with her and, unexpectedly, she prayed over me. It was overwhelming. I had never known her before, but suddenly it felt like we were long lost friends who had just found each other again. A message that I got from her was “go and do what Jesus did.”

I continued to pray about it and met my awesome pastor, Pastor John Taylor. When I told him of my struggle, he said the same thing; that it was not about being baptized twice, but about being conscious of my decision and earnestly wanting it with all my heart. He also said he wanted to be the one to baptize me.

I decided to obey God. I was at the stage of learning to obey Him, so I didn’t care about what people might think because I should respect God more than them. So if they were going to judge me, then that would be their business with God. I was just obeying Him.

The baptism was going to be held in the same week as my birthday. I did not expect a surprise or a gift from anyone, but I expected the unexpected from God – something supernatural that is not for me, but for my soul. I can’t even describe it, but I hope you get what I mean. My soul rejoiced throughout the week, though not for September 5th, which was my birthday, but for September 8th, the day of the baptism. Weird, huh?

On my birthday, I could see how much people cared for me, and I was overwhelmed by their greetings and wishes. It meant one more year had passed, one less year from my time in this earthly body. But on the baptism day, it was something for my eternal life. I believe the baptism was a door that led me to other experiences with God.

My 25th birthday wish was to give myself to God by getting baptized. As I’ve said before, it was a “me and my God” moment and I wanted to use the opportunity to thank the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I thanked the Father for the fact that I had always been able to tell Him anything and everything about my life. I thanked the Son for being obedient and willing to go down to earth in order to die and redeem me, and I thanked the Holy Spirit for making me understand the beauty and sweetness of having a relationship with Him.

On September 8th, 2012, witnessed by my parents and my ICA family, I was baptized by immersion by ICA’s “John the Baptist.” It was a privilege to be baptized by him, by someone who had been watching out for me, mentoring me, and praying for me and my journey with God.

As I went into the pool, Pastor John suddenly gave a short testimony about me. After he was done, I asked him to pause for a minute because I wanted to savor the moment and remember the faces that were there. This baptism was one of the best moments of my life. Thank you to those who have prayed for me, encouraged me, and were there to support and officially welcome me to the body of Christ.

Before the baptism, I asked my sister to write “obedience” on my right hand to remind me that what had happened that day was a part of it – of being obedient to God. The T-shirt I wore when I got baptized was the same one in the picture of me with my birthday cake because, to me, both of these events are connected.


Here is the testimony that I read out loud from the pool just before getting baptized:

“I’ve been baptized before, but that was because I was told to. I didn’t feel anything. I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but I never gave the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work in my life.. You were the One who asked me to get baptized again today as my 25th birthday present from me to You. You are my everything. You’ve saved me and called me Your beloved. As a birthday present from my earthly body to my soul for eternity and as an act of obedience to You, I will remember this day.. This is a milestone in my love story with You; the beginning of a greater journey. I know You’re smiling at me now. I want to be a woman after Your own heart. I want people to see you in me and marvel at Your presence. Here I am. I love You, Lord!”


“Widianti Gunawan Wijaya, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…”

Surabaya | 110912 | written by BeBe | Edited by Sefanya Hiennadi

25 – part 1

Do you know my favourite quotes?

Permohonanku di ulang tahun ke-24 adalah menjadi “a better lady in waiting”. Tulisanku 24 menjadi pernyataan apa yang aku inginkan. Kutuliskan di sana:

“Aku mau biarkan diriku dipimpin dan diarahkan oleh Roh Kudus.. Bila Tuhan ciptakan aku sebagai wanita, maka aku harus menjadi wanita yang baik dan berkualitas. Wanita yang memiliki hubungan baik dengan Tuhan. Yang diberkati untuk menjadi berkat buat sesama..Harapanku ini bukan hal yang mudah untuk dijalani. Sebab bila kau belajar, pasti akan diuji.. Semoga setahun lagi, sudah ada buah baik yang bisa dipetik.”

Saat itu aku tak sepenuhnya tahu apa yang kutuliskan. Rasanya saat itu sudah lama sekali berlalu. Sebab terlampau banyak hal besar dan luar biasa memprosesku setahun ini. Kualitas proses itu melampaui kuantitas waktu dalam satu tahun. Mungkin sulit untuk dipahami olehmu, tapi telah kulalui dan mungkin bisa dimengerti oleh mereka yang menemani perjalananku.

Dimulai dengan proses yang menyakitkan di bagian awal. Tetapi Tuhan menunjukkan padaku, itu adalah titik awal bagaimana ia memproses karakter dan diriku. Dari lembah ke puncak gunung. Ia membalikkan semuanya dan mengabulkan permohonanku. Lembaran baru, bukan lebih baik tetapi jauh lebih baik.

Masa satu tahun di Jakarta bagaikan karantina buat karakterku. Saat pindah ke Jakarta, aku senang karena akhirnya keinginanku terwujud. Namun ternyata, aku dilatih, digesek, ditempa. Terasa berat, sakit, dan tak mudah. Namun Tuhan menemaniku dan memampukanku melewatinya. Hingga kemudian, akhirnya aku dipulangkan kembali ke Surabaya untuk mengerjakan hal yang lain lagi. Saat kembali, aku sempat merasa kecewa dan hampa. Namun kusadari, berada di kota ini berarti aku bisa menjadi berkat untuk lebih banyak orang. Aku dibawa ke keluarga dan teman-teman yang membuatku nyaman.

Ya, aku yang sudah selesai masa karantina, seakan dilepaskan di medan perang untuk mempraktekkan dan menggunakan ilmu yang sudah kupelajari. Aku masih ingat, cukup banyak teman yang kaget melihatku kembali dan berujar aku seperti orang berbeda. Mereka bilang aku berubah, ada yang berbeda di dalamku dan itu terpancarkan keluar sehingga aku sangat berbeda dengan setahun sebelumnya. Aku tak mengerti karena menurutku aku bebe yang sama. Setidaknya hal yang membuatku tenang, mereka bilang perubahan itu positif, bukan semakin buruk.

24 ku diisi dengan banyak momen. Salah satu momen terindah adalah aku berhasil mewujudkan keinginan untuk keluar negeri hanya berdua dengan sahabat terbaikku, yaitu adikku. Masih saja ada yang tak kumengerti, mengapa Tuhan membawaku belajar tentang ilmu finance. Aku terus bertanya tentang tujuan hidupku, bidang mana yang Ia mau aku hidupi, bahkan kehendak bebasku ku seakan buta arah. Sungguh tak mengenakkan menjalani sesuatu dengan hati mati rasa atau mungkin karena itu bukanlah panggilan hidupmu.

Tetapi ada musim untuk segala sesuatunya. Kemudian kurasakan, ada sesuatu yang lebih besar dariku yang membawaku ke jalan yang lain. Aku diluputkan dari tekanan yang menyesakkan. Badai itu seketika tenang dan aku mulai bisa bernapas lega, dan melihat lebih jelas. Keluarga menyambutku, ladang pekerjaan baru menanti dikembangkan. Pandanganku ke depan. Tak ada penyesalan atau sakit hati. Sukacita yang luar biasa bisa kurasakan lagi.

Ketika logikaku mempertanyakan, Ia mengirimkan buku demi buku yang bisa menjelaskan semua pertanyaan itu. Buku-buku yang sampai ke tanganku karena diberi pinjam, atau kubeli tanpa kutahu buku apakah itu, atau pemberian orang lain.

Ini adalah buku yang kubaca beberapa bulan terakhir ini: Lady in Waiting by Kendall & Jones, Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers, The Battle Belongs to the Lord by Joyce Meyer, Understanding the Purpose and Power of a Woman by Myles Munroe, A Woman After God’s Own Heart
– daily devotional by Elizabeth George, Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer, dan Becoming the Woman God Want Me to Be by Donna Partow. Aku baru sadari bahwa semuanya bertema sama dan seakan menjawab permohonanku untuk menjadi “a better lady in waiting”! Bagaimana mungkin??

Bukan hanya buku, tetapi ada banyak orang menginspirasiku banyak karena hubungan mereka dengan Tuhan. Bila aku minta dituntun, aku harus mau taat. Ya tuntunan itu baik untukku. Tak mudah tetapi aku hanya mau taat, selangkah demi selangkah.

Itu pula yang membawaku bisa berangkat mission trip ke Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah. Di awal tahun ICA mengumumkan seluruh rangkaian mission trip di tahun 2012. Aku berdoa supaya bisa berangkat ke Youth Camp di Palangkaraya. Sejak itu poster peta mission trip 7-12-1 Central Kalimantan kutempel di dinding kamar tepat di depan tempat tidurku. Dan benar, aku dibawanya berangkat ke Palangka Raya awal Juli 2012. Selain itu aku membagikan diri menjadi leader youth camp Kembang Kuning dan juga youth camp ICA.

Begitu pula dengan talenta yang dititipkannya padaku. Setelah bergumul beberapa bulan, akhirnya aku menyerah dari mencari-cari alasan. Aku berhenti berpura-pura tidak mendengar. Dan akhirnya aku bersedia menjadi worship leader. Aku hanya melakukan kewajibanku, mengembangkan talenta yang Ia berikan, dan mengembalikannya. Aku bukan hebat, justru aku seringkali takut, tetapi tetap taat dan melakukannya. Setiap orang yang kepadanya diberi banyak, dari padanya akan dituntut banyak.

Bersyukur dan hanya bisa bersyukur. Penyertaan Tuhan sungguh luar biasa. Dan aku sangat mau untuk terus diisi dan diperlengkapi menjadi wanita yang lebih baik. Bukan hanya untuk diri sendiri tetapi untuk orang lain, untuk orang banyak, dan memuliakan Tuhan.

Jujur ada kalanya merasa tidak nyaman, melihat teman-teman baikku saat SMP, SMA, dan kuliah, mereka sudah menikah dan menjadi mama atau sedang mengandung. Bila aku mau membandingkan, mungkin secara kasat mata aku tertinggal jauh di belakang. Namun, aku tahu “membandingkan diri” hampir tidak pernah membawaku merasa lebih baik, justru menjatuhkanku. Begitu pula “mengeluh” tidak akan pernah membuat hidup menjadi lebih baik. Aku memilih untuk diam dan tegar, sambil terus melakukan apa yang bisa kulakukan untukNya. Tuhan tahu keinginan hatiku, dan aku memilih bertahan dalam rencana indahNya.

Beberapa hari yang lalu aku bertanya apa yang harus aku mohonkan di tahunku ke 25? Aku menemukan di renunganku: “Even you are far from perfect; continue on the path of being a woman after God’s own heart. And you’ll find a lot of joy along the way.” Ya, semoga aku bisa menjadi seorang wanita yang berkenan di hati Tuhan. Wanita yang bisa berucap “iya” ketika dihadapkan dengan pilihan untuk menaatiNya. Wanita yang menginspirasi dunia sekitarnya. Wanita yang bisa memancarkan sinar yang terang sehingga orang dapat melihat kasih dan kuasa Tuhan. Bagaimanapun waktuku akan tiba untuk ditemukan. Jadi aku akan mempersiapkan diri sebaik mungkin dan menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu bersamaNya.

  1. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him. ~ 2 Corinthians 1:9
  2. I will guide you along the best pathway of your life. I will advise you and watch over you. ~ Psalm 32:8

to be continued..

Surabaya | 060912 | 02:09 AM

Record for “The Wijaya’s Trip in 2010”

Date: February 2010

Place: Surabaya – Macau – Guangzhou – Hong Kong – Phuket – Surabaya

What a great time to spend 2 weeks with my lovely family: mom, dad, brother, and sister.

Celebrating Mom’s birthday in Guangzhou, Dad’s birthday & Chinese New Year together with entire uncles, aunties, cousins, and whole family in Hong Kong. Maybe for some people it’s just a common tour in Asia. But for me and family, this trip means a lot to get together in this time.

Besides, love Air Asia!

Time can’t go back. Spend your time with your loved one. Use the chance if you got it, or create it if you have to. So you won’t have regret later on.

Family Trip 2010, February 2010. Mom-Dad’s Bday + Cny Slideshow: Widianti’s trip from Surabaya, Jawa, Indonesia to 6 cities Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Kawasan Makau was created by TripAdvisor. See another Cina slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

My Family Trip in 2010


Sebuah masa hidup yang masih belum kumengerti arti kelokannya tetapi telah kulalui, yaitu usiaku ke-23.

Aku menjadi dosen, dan aku memutuskan untuk mengakhirinya untuk saat ini. Aku pergi ke Jakarta yang sejak lama terus memanggilku, mencoba sesuatu yang baru. Beberapa bulan adaptasi dan pembelajaran akan dunia yang baru. Bertemu banyak orang-orang baru. Semua membuatku memilih lingkungan seperti apa yang aku mau masuki.

Tertantang untuk belajar tentang kepercayaan. Memulai merawat tempat tinggal yang dipercayakanNya untukku. Menuntutku menata mimpi yang ingin kuraih. Mempersiapkan diri untuk diperluas dengan tanggung jawab lebih besar.

Kesesakan itu membuatku berlari padaNya. Dalam kesendirian kudapati Ia berbicara padaku, dan hanya padaNya aku mampu ceritakan semua yang kulihat, kualami, dan kurasakan. Tak mau kutukar waktuku bersamaNya dengan hal lain. Kudengar seringkali Roh Kudus yang ada padaku berbicara melalui banyak cara. IntervensiNya bahkan nyata dalam badai kehidupanku.

Jauh dari keluarga dan teman baik membuatku banyak kembali melihat ke dalam diri. Pertemuan dengan orang-orang baru membuatku melihat pilihan hidup. Dari sanalah aku menjadi lebih mengenali diri, nilai, dan prinsip hidupku. Pergumulan tentang masa depan membuatku ingin menjadi A Better Lady in Waiting.

Aku selalu meyakini di balik lelaki yang hebat, selalu ada wanita hebat. Oleh sebab itu aku pun ingin menjadi wanita hebat supaya lelaki hebatku nanti dapat menjadi lebih hebat. Bukan menjadi wanita yang lebih yang hebat dari lelakiku kelak, tidak seperti itu yang orang tuaku ajarkan. Sehebat-hebatnya wanita, dia tetaplah wanita yang harus tunduk pada lelakinya. Takaran “hebat” pun berbeda-beda di pikiran setiap kepala. Buatku, “hebat” adalah jadi wanita yang siap mendampingi proses hidup lelakinya.

Untuk belajar menjadi wanita hebat ada harga yang harus dibayar. Untuk bertumbuh menjadi wanita hebat ada benih yang harus ditanam. Untuk benih yang baik itu dapat berbuah baik, ada proses yang membutuhkan waktu.

Sambil menantikan lelaki hebat itu muncul dan dengan keberaniannya mengajakku meraih mimpi bersamanya. Selagi ia sedang berperang melawan naga-naga di luar sana. Aku akan pakai waktu ini untuk menanam benih yang baik supaya kami bisa memanen buah yang baik pada saatnya nanti. Ini bukan soal romansa belaka tetapi realita yang esensial.

Bila Tuhan ciptakan aku sebagai wanita, maka aku harus menjadi wanita yang baik dan berkualitas. Wanita yang memiliki hubungan baik dengan Tuhan. Yang diberkati untuk menjadi berkat buat sesama. Mengerti panggilan hidup dan menggenapinya. Tahu apa itu menghargai orang lain. Sadar bagaimana dan kapan menempatkan diri dengan benar.

Menjadi wanita yang memiliki keahlian itu sebuah keharusan. Agar di tangannya nanti keseharian rumah tangga dapat berjalan baik. Selain keahlian, wanita dituntut untuk cerdas dan tidak dangkal berpikir. Agar anak yang diasuhnya kelak dapat bertumbuh dengan baik. Namun, cerdas masih bukan yang terpenting karena harus ada karakter yang baik. Agar dengan karakter baik itu dirinya dapat menjadi exceptional bagi lelakinya dan keluarga yang Tuhan percayakan.

Cukup sudah tersinggung ketika orang lain mengkritik ketidak-sempurnaanku. Tak ada lagi pembenaran diri saat menyadari kekurangan diri. Tak perlu merasa diri paling benar justru di saat harus merubah karakter dan sifat yang tidak baik.

Pohon untuk berbuah membutuhkan waktu sejak benih itu ditanam. Tak perlu waktu lebih lama terbuang untuk tidak segera kutanam benih baik itu. Waktu terus berjalan. Jika di musim ini ia tidak berbuah, masih ada musim selanjutnya untuk segera berbuah. Sampai kapan mau menunggu untuk tak segera menanam?

Aku mau biarkan diriku dipimpin dan diarahkan oleh Roh Kudus. Aku harus berlatih untuk bisa memiliki kecenderungan reaksi atau respon yang lebih bijak. Ada banyak hal dan aku masih amat jauh dari hebat. Tapi aku hanya ingin bergerak maju untuk menjadi seorang BeBe yang lebih baik. Seorang wanita yang menanti dengan bijak.

Harapanku ini bukan hal yang mudah untuk dijalani. Sebab bila kau belajar, pasti akan diuji. Kadangkala membayangkan ujian itu saja sudah cukup menegangkan. Namun, itulah proses untuk naik kelas bukan?

Terima kasih untuk semua teman, sahabat, dan keluarga yang mewarnai usia 23 tahunku. Dengan kerendahan hati aku mengharapkan doa dan bantuanmu untuk mewujudkan keinginan baik ini. Semoga setahun lagi, sudah ada buah baik yang bisa dipetik.

Happy birthday to me!

Excellent quality = Capability + Godly character

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Langkawi, Malaysia

A small island located at the north tip Malaysia. It’s hot and not too much populated. If Indonesia has Lombok Island, then Malaysia has this island, Langkawi.

Here are some nice spots to go if you’re going to Langkawi:

Langkawi Sky Bridge

It is located 705 metres (2,300 ft) above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang on Pulau Langkawi. Langkawi Sky Bridge is a – 125 metres (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge. It’s accessible by the Langkawi Cable Car. Nice view from up there!

Telaga Harbour

Want to see yachts? Or you want to rent it? It’s located on Pantai Kok, in the northwest of Langkawi. It takes 45 minutes from Kuah town by car. This harbour is a scenic spot to take some photos and enjoying the marina’s view.

Dataran Lang

Eagle square is a giant sculpture of a reddish brown eagle, facing toward the sea. It’s situated near the Kuah Jetty. This is the most famous landmark of Langkawi.

The road links various areas around the island, were built in very good condition by the government. Wide and smooth, seemed empty enough with small number of vehicles that cross it. You can’t find any public transportation, except taxi. But there are many car rentals that you can choose from the airport. Remember to bargain, yet they aren’t too expensive actually.

Look like that this island has been designed as a tourist destination. Many tourism spots are quite attractive on the map. In fact, the natural beauty of Indonesia remains undefeated!

You can find almost all of them in Indonesia, but I have to admit, they are successful in creating stories that attract tourists to come. Those stories were created to increase the selling value of the nature itself. That’s not bad, and we can learn from that. It’s about creating the story!

You don’t need too many days to spend here, 2-3 days is enough. For hotel, quite much type of hotel that can choose to stay. One of recommended 2 stars hotel is Azio Hotel in Kuah town. It’s new, cheap, comfortable bed, hot water, shower, and the most important is clean! You can go online to book the reservation. Don’t worry if you’re hungry, you just need 1-2 minutes in distance walking to the Water Garden Hawker Center (in the morning) and it changes to Rootian Seafood Restaurant at night. Yummy taste and cheap!!

Touring in Langkawi, you just need to rent a car, bring the map, and driving around the island. There’re many duty free stores around the Kuah town. So, if you like chocolates, I’m telling you, it’s cheaper here! Not only chocolate but also perfume, wine, cigar, and so on. Are you ready to go? Bring your sun block lotion with you always!

To see more photos of Langkawi just click this link.

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Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has so many interesting places to be visited. Besides the shopping destination, if you like to find a local, different, natural, and yet full with Hong Kong culture and daily life, this place could be another suggestion for you. Please welcome, Tai O!

Tai O is a local fishing village, which is located in the western side of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is known for the pang uks, sort of stilt houses built right over the waterway. The bottoms of the 3-4 meters wooden stilt already become the habitat for small oysters. So unique scenery! You can’t find cars or motorbikes in front of the stilt houses but small ships or boats.

Although those are stilt houses, some also have air conditioning, big screen television, nice kitchen and restroom inside, small “garden” and more of it, balcony! You can do your own tour on foot, going around the village. There are some pedestrian bridges which are good enough for photo shoots.

If you love seafood, no worries you’ll love Tai O. Although, currently the fishing lifestyle is dying out, many residents still continue to fish. They sell fresh seafood, dried or salted seafood, and many type of delicious local snacks! Try their smoked salted fish-egg and shrimp, without any spice it’s just smoked over charcoal, but oh.. it smells so good! Keep walking and you’ll find baked oysters, prawn, and scallop, with melted cheese on top. Don’t miss to drink the sweet sour red tea.

The village is placed mostly on the bank of the river but you can see the rocky mountains standing at the back of the village. You can join the resident’s boat by paying the fee, just sit and prepare your camera; they will take you down along the river. Or ask them to drive you to the sea where you can see Chinese white dolphins, if you’re lucky.

I was going there by bus (11) from Tung Chung terminal and it took around 45 minutes. Try not to fall asleep or you’ll missing interesting spots to see along the trip. You may reach Tai O by bus from other locations, like Mui Wo (1) and Ngong Ping (21). But if you want to take ferry, just try to depart from Tuen Mun, Tung Ching, and Sha Lo Wan ferry piers.

Enjoy experiencing a different side of Hong Kong! Feel free to check another photos of Tai O.


Welcome to Tai O

Tai O

Small oysters covered the stilt

The stalls

Smoked Salted Seafood

Which one do you want?


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