Langkawi, Malaysia

A small island located at the north tip Malaysia. It’s hot and not too much populated. If Indonesia has Lombok Island, then Malaysia has this island, Langkawi.

Here are some nice spots to go if you’re going to Langkawi:

Langkawi Sky Bridge

It is located 705 metres (2,300 ft) above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang on Pulau Langkawi. Langkawi Sky Bridge is a – 125 metres (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge. It’s accessible by the Langkawi Cable Car. Nice view from up there!

Telaga Harbour

Want to see yachts? Or you want to rent it? It’s located on Pantai Kok, in the northwest of Langkawi. It takes 45 minutes from Kuah town by car. This harbour is a scenic spot to take some photos and enjoying the marina’s view.

Dataran Lang

Eagle square is a giant sculpture of a reddish brown eagle, facing toward the sea. It’s situated near the Kuah Jetty. This is the most famous landmark of Langkawi.

The road links various areas around the island, were built in very good condition by the government. Wide and smooth, seemed empty enough with small number of vehicles that cross it. You can’t find any public transportation, except taxi. But there are many car rentals that you can choose from the airport. Remember to bargain, yet they aren’t too expensive actually.

Look like that this island has been designed as a tourist destination. Many tourism spots are quite attractive on the map. In fact, the natural beauty of Indonesia remains undefeated!

You can find almost all of them in Indonesia, but I have to admit, they are successful in creating stories that attract tourists to come. Those stories were created to increase the selling value of the nature itself. That’s not bad, and we can learn from that. It’s about creating the story!

You don’t need too many days to spend here, 2-3 days is enough. For hotel, quite much type of hotel that can choose to stay. One of recommended 2 stars hotel is Azio Hotel in Kuah town. It’s new, cheap, comfortable bed, hot water, shower, and the most important is clean! You can go online to book the reservation. Don’t worry if you’re hungry, you just need 1-2 minutes in distance walking to the Water Garden Hawker Center (in the morning) and it changes to Rootian Seafood Restaurant at night. Yummy taste and cheap!!

Touring in Langkawi, you just need to rent a car, bring the map, and driving around the island. There’re many duty free stores around the Kuah town. So, if you like chocolates, I’m telling you, it’s cheaper here! Not only chocolate but also perfume, wine, cigar, and so on. Are you ready to go? Bring your sun block lotion with you always!

To see more photos of Langkawi just click this link.

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