Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has so many interesting places to be visited. Besides the shopping destination, if you like to find a local, different, natural, and yet full with Hong Kong culture and daily life, this place could be another suggestion for you. Please welcome, Tai O!

Tai O is a local fishing village, which is located in the western side of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is known for the pang uks, sort of stilt houses built right over the waterway. The bottoms of the 3-4 meters wooden stilt already become the habitat for small oysters. So unique scenery! You can’t find cars or motorbikes in front of the stilt houses but small ships or boats.

Although those are stilt houses, some also have air conditioning, big screen television, nice kitchen and restroom inside, small “garden” and more of it, balcony! You can do your own tour on foot, going around the village. There are some pedestrian bridges which are good enough for photo shoots.

If you love seafood, no worries you’ll love Tai O. Although, currently the fishing lifestyle is dying out, many residents still continue to fish. They sell fresh seafood, dried or salted seafood, and many type of delicious local snacks! Try their smoked salted fish-egg and shrimp, without any spice it’s just smoked over charcoal, but oh.. it smells so good! Keep walking and you’ll find baked oysters, prawn, and scallop, with melted cheese on top. Don’t miss to drink the sweet sour red tea.

The village is placed mostly on the bank of the river but you can see the rocky mountains standing at the back of the village. You can join the resident’s boat by paying the fee, just sit and prepare your camera; they will take you down along the river. Or ask them to drive you to the sea where you can see Chinese white dolphins, if you’re lucky.

I was going there by bus (11) from Tung Chung terminal and it took around 45 minutes. Try not to fall asleep or you’ll missing interesting spots to see along the trip. You may reach Tai O by bus from other locations, like Mui Wo (1) and Ngong Ping (21). But if you want to take ferry, just try to depart from Tuen Mun, Tung Ching, and Sha Lo Wan ferry piers.

Enjoy experiencing a different side of Hong Kong! Feel free to check another photos of Tai O.


Welcome to Tai O

Tai O

Small oysters covered the stilt

The stalls

Smoked Salted Seafood

Which one do you want?



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  1. Ronny Dee
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 10:44:20

    Nice blog… numpang baca ya 🙂


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