Last Words for My Awesome Sister in Heaven

Aku sedang membuka koleksi tulisanku di liburan ini. Ada sebuah yang saat itu kuposting di note FB dan terlewatkan di sini. Sebuah tulisan yang aku suka meski sudah beberapa bulan lalu kutulis. Sincere and beautiful. Tulisan yang berkesan karena kutuliskan untuk seorang kakak yang telah genap tugasnya di dunia dan mendahului kami semua lahir terlebih dulu di kekekalan sana. Kutulis ini dengan mata sembab, di hari kepergiannya, sebelum kebaktian penghiburan malam itu. Tanpa bermaksud mengundang air mata, lihatlah ini sebagai sebuah kenangan indah, sebab itulah kesan yang ditinggalkannya untukku.



Dear Rachel Lindawati Kho in Heaven,


Hi there, CeCeku LiHoo! 🙂


I’m sure you’re hand in hand with Our Father now.. Hmm how beautiful is it.. He loves you so much ya Ce.. Now there’s an amazing singer singing for Him all the time there.. Do you know, while I’m writing this letter, my iPod plays our song that you ever picked for our worship time. All those gospel songs remind me how you sang those pitch beautifully, awesome!


Wow, your task in this world must be done already so you could go there quickly. Although I’m sad, I still could say, “You rock!”. Because you’re already finished while I and the rest are keep trying to find and complete our tasks. Just, it’s too fast in our time, yesterday I’ve planned to see you at hospital tonight hehehe..


Anyway, Ce I want you to know, I always amazed by your voice, your love story with Joshua Hogianto, and your life journey..

You two are more than lucky that in this ticking life, could got a chance to meet and be a blessing for others. You’ve inspired me a lot, thanks for that, my coolest song leader ever! I thank God that I could be your singer and in this life, I ever served God together with you in our worship team.


Oh yeah, have I ever say this to you? Rachel Lindawati Kho looks so pretty with that new long straight hair, softlens instead of glasses, and you’re slimmer on the last time we worshiping God together at September 19, 2010. Hahaha.. We’re the choosen generation, isn’t it? hehehe.. One of my fave moments is when you sang His Glory Appears by Hillsong on the first day of 10 Days of Prayer. We agreed that you singing it solo first, rather than we all together. Just like an angle is singing..


I do remember the first time we met, in ICA East singer audition, so glad knowing that you also came from JPCC, and you taught me some techniques in singing, on that beautiful Saturday noon..


Don’t worry Ce, I’ll always remember those beautiful, inspiring, happy moments with you, about you, from your life.. 🙂 FYI, Ko Josh asked us to do so too. Isn’t cool? 😉


See you my sister, keep smiling, keep loving, keep singing there..

I’m just gonna miss you and your voice a lot now.. 🙂



there is a vision and a fire in me

i keep the memory of you and me inside

and we don’t say goodbye

with all my love for you

and what else we may do

we don’t say goodbye 

~ Immortality – Celine Dion ~



Surabaya 181010 6:26PM




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