Cing’s 17th Surprise Birthday – English Version

“Surprise makes your life more colourful..”, that’s what I always think and try to make for those, my beloved. Cing’s 17th birthday on May 8, 2010 was another chance for me to give her surprise (again) because she is my beloved sister.. J

For some reasons that I don’t know exactly, people usually thinks that 17th birthday is special for girls. So they celebrate it with such a big party at an expensive restaurant or hotel, invite so many friends, and spend a lot of money as the compensation. But that’s invalid in my family. 6 years ago, when my turn came, my parents asked me about party but I said no! Too much money spends for a celebration without knowing the meaning indeed just seemed unwise in my eyes. So, maybe that way of thinking also influencing my sister, she just wanted to treat her best friends. But wait what if I give her surprises as much as I can on that day? Let’s begin the excitement! 😉

“Making surprise as many as Cing may get”, that’s the theme for this birthday. As usual, the most important in making surprise is don’t let the victim sniffing and guessing. My challenges are: we stay in the same bedroom, we always sharing anything happened along the day, I often make surprise for my family, and I start busy to go out of town 3 times a week.

Strategy is arranged. I divided Saturday, May 8, 2008 into 3 parts. Morning: She will be destroyed in her friends’ hands. Noon: Our schedule to teach in Kembang Kuning Ministry. Night: Surprise party. I’ve been preparing it from 3 weeks ago. For surprise in KK Ministry, I trust it to KC and team. And for the surprise party, I pick up Luci and DS as my secret agents.

I prepared the details of the plan and took Luci and DS to help me in acting. After I got my dad’s permit by offering the lowest budget to make the party, I looked for the suitable venue, collecting guest names, contacting them one by one (helped by my secret agents), contacting Ps. Scott and Ps. Witanto, brain storming party concept, picturing the decoration, making lampions form paper bag, ordering an unique birthday cake in the shape of Cacing (worm), and I doing it all with hiding from Cing. So did with the KK meeting, I left Cing at home.

To make it easier, I have to persuade Cing inviting her friends to dinner on May 15, 2010. Actually she said it will be meaningless if not celebrating it on the big day, but I provoking her with “combine the birthday celebration with thanks giving night for your baptism” as my reason. She believed it, although actually that’s just my hanky panky. 😛 She asked me to survey some venues but I was so busy. Do you know that I coordinating my secret agents with bad signal from the top of Wilis Mountain? Hahaha..

Here is the May 8, 2010:

Morning: Her best friends took revenge by showering her rotten milk, cold water, spray paint, and other nasty things. All I know just she was totally wet and stinky while got into my car when I picked her up from school. I think her friends really waiting on that day to come because Cing always does pitiless on their birthdays. Gotcha!

Noon: On the last session on KK ministry, Cing lead the closing prayer, just as we planned it before. But 4-6th grade kids still stood up back there. While Cing prayed, they tiptoeing and making a line behind her, bringing colorful origami papers, written on there: CINGCING, made by KC; and my happy birthday banner that I had left in Carrie’s house few days before. Gama was ready with the camera. Amien! And then Rico played happy birthday song, Cing turned back, SURPISE!!! I’m so grateful could saw that pure surprise expression on her face. Almost 60 kids gathered singing loudly. Elise asked them to pray for Cing by turned their hands on her, Cing cried! We made it!! That “ignorant and gawky Cing” is crying hahaha.. On the way back home, Cing admitted how glad she was with that cute little surprise and it means a lot to her.

Evening: The event should be started at 5, but delayed until 6 PM. After got the command from Eric, we depart from our house. My alibi is: we’ll have a dinner at Fu Yuan but visiting Hallo Surabaya first to get further info as one of our venue option for May 15. Nothing’s perfect though! My dad parked at the wrong place, right in the middle of her friends’ cars. When talking with the marketing, my niece came closer and Cing saw her! Kyaaaa!! Danger mode ON! But I tried to be as cool as I could and took her to walk to the front side of the resto, where all the guest were ready. While Cing step out, SURPRISE!!! Almost 25 friends, Ps Scott and Witanto were yelling and screaming to her hahaha.. She was really surprised!! Ps Scott brought the “Worm Bday Cake” and we all moved to the left side of the fountain. Since 2 o’clock, DS and Lusi decorated that place with white and red balloons, Cing’s fave colors.

The outdoor party was started with Cha-Cha games and buble gum games as an icebreaker from Ps Scott. Some guests also surprised because there’s a foreign people among them and lead the party hahaha.. Dad gave a short speech. Family came and then dinner time! Oh yeah, another imperfections was on the music team. They said they’re ready but in fact, they didn’t bring any guitar, but the show must go on! Hm.. It may be affecting the mood but couldn’t reduce the meaning of that special day for Cing. Once more her best friends gave her a surprise. Continued with Fear Factor games that require them to eat raw vegetables, such as pete, leeks, long bean, bitter melon, boiled pumpkin. For Cing’s portion, her friends adding hot sauce since she can’t eat spicy food at all. Time for sharing! Soft acoustic songs set as the back sound, I asking her friends and family about impressions, the good and bad characters, also message for Cing. Many of them wished, Cing could be not ignorant anymore. Comes to Cing’s time to speak then! And once more, she cried while said thank you to mom and dad, and how much she loves mom, dad, my brother, and me, and then Cing hug them. Sweet moment to be remembered, isn’t it? And her friends became the witnesses.

The informal, relaxed, and warm ambience really emerged on that night. Although there was many mistakes here and there hehe.. Those who live in Surabaya maybe realize on that day it was raining all day long. Hallo Surabaya management had asked us many times, they thought we’re insane because we were so sure to make an outdoor party in middle of rainy season. My dad just said, it won’t be raining on that day! Yeah, God grew up our faith. The rain stop just before the party started.

Thus, represent my family, I really want to say thank you so much for each of you who helped us. In other party usually the birthday girl is the one who prepare the party with EO and the guest just need to come and enjoy. But this time, the guests prepared the party and the birthday girl just enjoy it all. But believe me, Cing won’t forget this!

I wish these surprises will always live in your memory and truly leaving a deep meaning for you Cing. That testifying how much we loving you, youngest. See, how many people care of you and then helped me to make these surprises for you. So beautiful, wasn’t it? Thus, you can’t be an ignorant girl anymore but you have to care to others then. Now, you’re ready to finding the meaning of your 17th birthday. Life won’t be easier, but God has proved to us on that day, when you have that faith, He’ll give what you ask for. Besides, we’re always here for you. I hope the May 8th, 2010 could be one of most meaningful days in your life. Prepare yourself to give God a present on your 17th birthday, your baptism on May 13th, 2010. Happy surprised birthday my beloved sister..

Surprise works when your beloved didn’t expect it and surprise succeeds when you see that surprised expression combined with the most beautiful smile on your beloved’s face..

PS: Cing, I think I’m success this time, because you didn’t even sniff any of these surprise from me, but Lusi and DS, both of you have to learn more in making surprise hahahaha.. Anyway, this is another blessing that I could give after decided to not go to Jakarta.. 😛


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