Macau Grand Prix Museum

On February 7th, 2010 I was in Macau. Because of raining on that day, I couldn’t do any outdoor tourism activities at all. So, I checked out the tourism brochure that available in hotel for free. I need to go to indoor tourism centre nearby. FYI, I stayed in a strategic hotel, in front of Macau Fisherman Wharf. And then I read on the tourism map, Grand Prix Museum! Near, can go there on foot, indoor, so why not?


This unique museum had been opened since November 1993 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix. Visitors will get awareness about what happened during the long history of GP. It also becomes a record of many efforts and contributions made by many of them who have participated both on and off the track. At the same time become a promotion of the sport itself. You may be a person like me, who don’t know much about GP, but the display of the museum and everything’s inside still interesting to be seen.


More than my imagination, there are a lot of cars, the museum space is big enough since so many machines inside, and also supported by good lighting system make it as a nice museum. You’ll be welcomed by a sexy old red car. I don’t know much about automotive but all I know is I like that car so much! It’s red, with number 5 on the body, and have 9517 as it car number.


Besides, you could go around in a clockwise direction to follow the development of Grand Prix from its inception until present. Not just cars, but some GP motors also displayed there.


GP Museum display many collections brought together from diverse origins, as a result of the joint efforts of public and private entities. Some of the valuable collections are private donations, acquisitions by Macau Government Tourism Office, also on loan from their owners. There are photographs, literature, trophies, and various pieces of memorabilia related to GP.

Macau GP Museum located in Luis Gonzaga Gomes Avenue, the brown one, in opposite of the Lotus Flower in Full Bloom Park. Open daily from 10 am until 6 pm, but closed on Tuesday. Not expensive and as I remembered MOP$10 for each adult. Many bus routes pass this tourism object, such as AP1, 1A, 3, 10A, 17, 28A, and many more. Other interesting things are: photographs can be taken anywhere in the museum but do not touch or get into the cars on display.

Macau Grand Prix Museum is nicer than I taught. If you love Grand Prix, I suggest you to spend your time visiting this museum when you’re in Macau.. Have a pleasure trip!

Sby – 240210 – 09:20 PM


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  1. Lukisan
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 17:17:49

    we..dan re,bagus2 kali motor nya?
    minta lah satu?*maunya*hehehe


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