The One and Only Puzzle in the World

Jakarta – 110908 – 11:09PM


At night after back from trip to Museum Fatahillah, on the previous day after my birthday, I found a packet wrapped by plastic, right after the TV in my boarding room. The packet was received around 2PM at noon. I knew, that is absolutely from 20:20. But I was anxious to find out what are they gave to me? hahaha.. Because usually I’m include in planning others bday surprised..

The packet before I opened it

The packet before I opened it

I released the seal, pulled out the packet that wrapped with blue paper. Surprised and so so surprised!! The box is damaged. The blue wrapper is torn up in upside and ripped at the other side. Two pieces of puzzle are outside the box but still inside the plactic. How come?? But I’m sure, 20:20 would not send the packet in that condition. Was it opened after 20:20 sent it but before I received?


First, when I found the 2 pieces outside the box, I’m wondering. Puzzle? What kind of puzzle? Because this kind of gift was never imagine before, if we had brain storming in planning bday surprised present. I pick it up, and see the colour. Guess what, I find small of my face there! In a hurry I open that broken box and see the matres.


At the frame, I find a sentence “Happy Bday BeBe”. On the left and right side of frame, guess what??! Those are the pictures of me! Then I arrange those pieces one by one quickly. Just can’t wait to see the whole picture. Keep wondering inside my head, how could they make this? Arranging the puzzle is not easy as you think, because the picture is small but many of my pose – in everysides of me haha.. Bad angle until my fave pose..


The One and Only Puzzle for me

The One and Only Puzzle for me








They put the picture of my name that I made at Sempu’s sand ‘bebe’. Yeah, Sempu is where we met and starting this friendship. And their faces are also there, in the middle of me(s) hahaha.. Guys, you know what? Not just my fingers turned to black when I arranged it, but my smile is kept on painting my face, my mouth didn’t stop say “ya ampun.. kok isa se..” and my heart is missing to gather with you celebrating this birthday. Although I’m sad because a piece of the puzzle is gone. I can’t find it anywhere. But if I looked to the condition of the packet when I got, maybe I knew that it’s gone..


However, it was the most unique and touched gift I ever get. You knew that I love photos, because those are the evidence of memories that won’t get back again. Although my face(s) that put in the picture is cropped from many photos, but I still recognize the place and the the complete picture of each photo.


Thanks a lot guys for your kindess, still remember me although I’m far from you, still trying to make something special for my bday although you can’t do much form Surabaya, although some of you maybe sacrifice more than the other to make that puzzle for 20:20. I promise that I’ll keep this puzzle.


Miss you 20:20: Fe2, Alun, Lilan, Dian, Dany, Bram, Ko Tung, Asep..

Miss Sempu Island: all the white sand, the lake, the cliff, the stars, and all the memories..



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bram
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 10:05:03

    hahahahahahaha..another old stories that nice to remember


  2. aLuN
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 12:12:11

    be …
    how’s ur day?
    baru kali ini smepet mampir liat blog mu…huahahaha…..
    fotografi e yg kamu pasang di slide keren2….qta sama2 menantikan DSLR qta masing2 ya….hohoh……
    oya… aq ada blog satu lagi di multiply….kapan2 liat aja kalo sempet.


  3. Vany Kadiwanu
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 10:42:08

    bebe…pasti seneng ya di kasih hadiah itu….
    mereka bela-belain ngirim buat kamu di JkT.
    jaga baik2 persahabatan itu…
    Susah nyarinya…

    BTW, kamu salah satu teman cewek yang udah aku anggap sahabat (lebih tepatnya saudara)…soalnya kalo ngomong ma kamu nyambung sih…

    GBU sist


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